Outraged About Everything and Nothing

If we’re outraged about everything, are we really outraged about anything?

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If society was a font, it would be large, bold, and in ALL CAPS. Everyone is outraged! Just take a morning scroll through Twitter and you’ll no doubt see that someone is upset about something and they want you to know it! Partly fueled by social media and partly fueled by a lack of wisdom and discernment in society, we’re living in an outrage culture where anything that upsets us is worth screaming at the top of our lungs. Just take a peek at the headlines above, all from this past week.

But with so many people losing their mind and emotions on a daily basis, the question must be asked: Continue reading “Outraged About Everything and Nothing”

Why the Name and Why Now?

Why “the other David Jones”? When your parents name you something so basic, every new person you meet from kindergarten on up wants to remind you that you share a name with Davy Jones of the Monkees and that Davie Bowie’s real name also was David Jones. You quickly find out that your name is so American and generic that it is on the No Fly List because terrorists have adopted your name to try to sneak into the country. And people everywhere will say to you, “I once knew a guy named David Jones. He was <insert anything>. You must be the other David Jones.”

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