Diapers for Venezuela

A box of diapers could literally save a child’s life. 

We need your help!

For those who don’t know, Venezuela is crumbling and hyperinflation has made it where people can no longer afford basic necessities like food and toiletries. Babies are dying from starvation and lack of adequate supplies like formula, diapers, etc.

One of our church members, Edgar, is from Venezuela and still has family there. With tears streaming down his face, he spoke about this crisis and how items we take for granted can save lives.

My wife and I have decided to donate half of the diapers we receive between now and our son’s birth to an organization our church is working with in Venezuela. Do we need diapers? Yes. Are diapers expensive? Absolutely. But we also know we have the ability to drive 3 miles to Target and get diapers whenever we need them. The people in Venezuela either can’t find them or can’t afford them.

If you would like to donate, you can bring the diapers to us (if you live in Nashville), or you can send them to us using the links to our registry for Target (https://tinyurl.com/yc6jfp8m) and Amazon (https://tinyurl.com/JonesAmazon).

It’s crazy to think this, but a box of diapers could literally save a child’s life.