A Thank You and Farewell to Third Day

The lights went down and the noise of the crowd came to a hush. The sound of the acoustic guitar did not prepare me for what would happened next…

The fall of 1997 found me an awkward middle school kid on the verge of turning 13. In what will sound foreign to today’s teenagers, these were the days before YouTube and digital music. If you wanted to hear music, your options were limited to the radio or putting down the money to buy a CD or cassette. If you wanted to hear Christian music, your options were even more limited. Like me, many people lived in towns with only one Christian radio station, and it was usually filled with static and only played 90s music that appealed to soccer moms. If you got really lucky, you might find a Christian rock album at Walmart, but it was more likely you’d have to travel to a Christian bookstore and pay $17.99 for an album you knew almost nothing about.

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